School4DJs is a Global Pioneer in Electronic Music Education.

school4djsSchool4DJs is an ever growing COMMUNITY of like-minded DJs, Producers, Musicians, and Sound Designers who all have a need to do much more than simply listen to the music we love.

As a Music School for both beginner and experienced artists, our mission is to “always inspire and assist it’s students to reach their artistic goals”. Classes are small and intimate, in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on training environment.

Our people are a talented community of musically diverse Educators and Artists. We are focused on working with like-minded Partners to unleash the School4DJs Experience to the whole world!

The new DJ online lessons stem from the same idea that created School4DJs Vancouver; digital music technology is only as good as the music you create. Following this ideology, our online DJ courses stay focused on your musical evolution throughout your time as a student DJ and as part of our DJ community.
Our Online Curriculum is created in a linear format, but students are allowed to progress at their own speed. Our DJ students are usually motivated by the advancement of their artistic musical creations.