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school for djs VancouverDJing has taken on new meaning in the 21st century. With the innovation of cutting edge hardware and software technologies geared toward veteran turntablists and bedroom djs alike, the opportunities are endless, but it can be challenging to keep up with all of the innovations, and to succeed in the music industry that now has more competition than ever.

That’s where School4DJs Online comes to the rescue. Whether you’re just learning the basics or looking to perfect your craft and become a worldwide superstar, our courses are completely equipped to take your disc jockey skills to the next level and beyond. If you’re thinking of taking School4DJs courses online, you have found one of the leading authorities. We’re all about comprehensive, university-level training at a cost you won’t see anywhere else.

Our Origins

School4DJs.com was started by the founders of the Vancouver EDM Society, in order to introduce the world to the education of DJs through a one on one online DJ school. From working with the top DJ instructors and teaching many beginner, intermediate and advanced students how to DJ, we’ve developed, tested and refined our DJ lessons so our students learn exactly what they need to know to go head-to-head with the best DJs in the entertainment industry. If you doubt you have what it takes to be one of the greats, maybe you just haven’t found the right instruction. School4DJs Online can change all that.

Our DJ courses teach the fundamentals of DJing and many different approaches to your DJ setup, as well as the basis for making and playing live digital sets for any event: special occasions, original showcases, scratching/techniques, and much more. Our online DJ videos along with weekly 1 on 1 lessons. prepare our students to be skilled DJs no matter what their goals. You may believe you’re just taking some DJ courses online, but what you’re really receiving is a hands-on educational, visual, auditory and possibly life-changing experience.

More than Just DJ Courses Online


We are well aware that in today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to set aside some time for many regularly scheduled lessons. That’s why we’ve created a  fully interactive 1 on 1 + online DJ lessons that are flexible enough for the busy schedule of new DJs – our students can browse the entire collection of DJ lessons from any computer or mobile device at any time. New lessons are uploaded on a regular basis, covering every major piece of hardware, DJ software programs and dj techniques, so the dedicated student DJ can further their knowledge without running out of new tricks to learn and master.

Most importantly, our lessons are geared towards the needs of students. Whether you’re trying to determine what controller to purchase, or are wanting to perfect the most difficult mixing techniques, you can find a whole variety of easy-to-follow DJ tutorials to help.

Get Started Today

In this high-tech world, many people are unfairly and foolishly dismissing DJing as cliche, irrelevant, and just a method of clicking your mouse on songs in a playlist. With the top notch skills you’ll develop here, you’ll not only prove those haters wrong, but you’ll blow their socks off with your new found DJ skills. DJing as an art form is alive, and these skills are what set the professionals apart from amateurs. So what are you waiting for? You just won’t find any better DJ courses online. Sign up today and experience for yourself how this one-of-a-kind online School for DJs is setting a new standard for online DJ instruction.

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