DJ Level 1: Newbie Sessions | Essentials I

DJ Level 1: Newbie Sessions | Essentials I

school-djBecome aquainted with the all the basic techniques and equipment of being a DJ, and record your 1st mix from one song to another.

What You Will Learn

How a DJ setup works: basic understanding of vinyl turntables, digital CDJs, digital controllers,  mixers, and headphones
The correct technique to play and manipulate a song
A crash course in digital DJing with Serato DJ
How to count beats, bars and phrases
How to “Drop on the one
How to beatmatch by “pushing and pulling” and “the halfway method”
How to DJ a simple mix/blend of 2 tracks

Course Goal

Perform your 1st live 2-song mix for the class.

Note: this level is also available as a 2-day 6-hour weekend workshop.

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