Basic DJ Techniques I | DJ Techniques for Beginners

Basic DJ Techniques I – COURSE OVERVIEW

basic dj techniques 1 Yes, Basic DJ Techniques I is Basic DJ Techniques for Beginners, but every DJ needs to start somewhere. Whether you’re itching to get going as a DJ, or you’re still in the early stages of learning basic DJ techniques, you will find detailed yet simple-to-grasp DJ lessons through School4DJs DJ Techniques I course.

Our beginner DJ mixing course will help you achieve a firm grasp on the various skills and software programs you are going to need before you can get mixing and make your new beats. Our huge selection of online videos will give you insight into several different software programs, as well as alot of basic techniques and ideas that all great DJs should know. The flexibility offered by our lessons means that you will learn with an special emphasis on where you want to go with DJing, while keeping upwith the demands and time requirements of your own schedule. By signing up with School4DJs Online, you will open the door to a brand new world of musical possibilities.


First Class
Counting Bars and Beats 101
Learn how to count the bars and beats in any song so you can mix easily, know where you are in a track, beatmatch flawlessly, scratch in time, and more!

Counting Bars & Beats 102
In this lesson, we take a closer examination of the audio wave forms of a track to find the bars and beats and analyze the compositional structure and makeup of the song.

Start Dropping on the One 103
Learn how to drop the first beat of a bar from one track on to the first beat of a bar in another. This is known as “dropping on the one” and is the absolutetly most basic and most popular style of dropping a track.

Start Beatmatching Tips and Exercises 104
Beatmatching is when a dj is synchronizing two or more songs or loops so they can be perfectly mixed with one another. We’ll teach you how to slow down or speed up a song to match any 2 rhythmically compatible tracks or loops. See older videos on beatmatching for more advanced examples of beatmatching in Serato DJ and Traktor.

Start Beatmatching in Traktor 105
Learn to match the beats of two tracks in Traktor. We’ll cover how to slow down or speed up a track (in case your tracks are different beats-per-minute) to match any two rhythmically compatible songs or loops.

Start Beatmatching in Serato DJ 106
Learn to match the beats of two tracks in Serato DJ. We’ll cover how to slow down or speed up a track (in case your tracks are different beats-per-minute) to match any two rhythmically compatible songs or loops.

Start Beatmatching in Virtual DJ 107
Learn to match the beats of two tracks in Virtual DJ. We’ll show you how to slow down or speed up a track (in case your tracks are different beats-per-minute) to match any two rhythmically compatible songs or loops.

Start Mixing Tips and Exercises (Part I) 108
Mixing means to mix seamlessly while transitioning from one song or loop to the next with no unintentional gaps in the sound you hear. This lesson will equip you with an introduction to mixing as we teach you step-by-step several beginner level mixing techniques.



How to beatmatch, especially how to slow down or speed up a song on a controller setup.
Beatmatching is one of the key fundamentals of DJing and will be a crucial part of your early DJ education. Without learning these simple techniques, which are covered in DJ Techniques I, progressing on to an advanced DJ and trying to create your unique sounds can be filled with setbacks. The team at School4DJs Online will help you finish your training and master the skills you need (and will keep for life) with our knowledgable customer service and decades of experience.

How to easily count bars and beats of any song, which will make it easier for you to beatmatch and scratch in time for any track.
All musical tracks are informed by their bars and beats. Grasping these crucial elements is very important when mixing and scratching in musically harmonic ways. School4DJs Online delivers very high quality video courses that will assist you in understanding these elements, as well as the software programs essential to your mixing and artistic creation. By understanding the techniques utilized by world famous DJs all over the world, you can not only duplicate the sounds you can hear in your favorite songs, but create new and original songs informed by your own artistic style.

How to “drop on the one,” or drop the first beat of one song into the first beat of another song for skillful mixing.
While dropping on the 1 is a basic technique for most DJs, it is so important for successful mixing and for the creation of amazing sounding music. Mastering this skill will perpare you for our much more advanced techniques in future lessons.

How to perfectly transition between two songs or loops.
To be a professional DJ, you’ll need some good ole fashioned creativity and some know-how in equal measures. Transitioning between songs and loops will provide you with access to new sounds and the skills to create the music you want to make. With the knowledge and techniques that you will get from our many courses, you will be comfortable using many different software programs to successfully produce the kind of music you’ve been dreaming about. Our beginner DJ mixing course is just the beginning, but it has put most of our students on the road to success.

How to identify bars and beats, as well as the compositional structure of a song, by analyzing the audio waveforms.
Software allows every DJ the opportunity to see and analyze audio waveforms for a much more in-depth understanding of music. By understanding how to use these software programs and completely understand audio waveforms, you will have the knowledge as well as the insight required to work with any track and create unique sounds.

How to manually beatmatch on a vinyl setup, as well as in Serato DJ and Traktor.
A proficient and insightful DJ should know how to succeed at multiple setups. By learning how to use several different software programs you can have the knowledge required to consistently expand on your skill base. At School4DJs, we want to give every DJ an enjoyable and rewarding learning environment and experience. Once you are prepared to progress past the beginner lessons, we have several more advanced DJing techniques waiting to teach you.