Learn Ableton From a Veteran Music Producer Rawbeat DubNero

Learn Ableton From One of Vancouver’s Top Producers

Learn AbletonLearn Ableton from a veteran music producer, Vancouver’s own Rawbeat DubNero. No, not Robert DeNiro, Rawbeat DubNero !

Rawbeat DubNero is best know for his epic Trap, Dubstep and Drum and Bass mashups. His last tour took him through Asia, Eastern Europe, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and The Uk.

Rawbeat has been helping his nephews learn Ableton the past 10 years. Since moving to Vancouver, he has discovered this new passion for teaching kids how to DJ and how to use Ableton.

He approached us at School4DJs  last month and inquired into how we were doing as a new school. We invited him to check it out and the rest is, as they say, history.

Please introduce yourselves to Rawbeat and classes for Ableton will begin in Sept 2017. He is eager to share his Ableton tips and secrets he has accumulated the last decade or so.

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