Whats the difference between “Dj” & “Turntablist”? :: DJing vs. Sciences (Energy Flow Ratio’s)

[ad_1] [ad_2] ((Q)) Whats the difference between “Dj” & “Turntablist”? ((A)) The ∂iƒƒerence between the twø was cøine∂ by DJ Babu tø diƒƒerentiate ∂j as “Party Røcker” frøm ∂j as “Soun∂ Alchemist”…meaning…Turntablists are breaking døwn søunds intø New Cømpøsitiøns while Dj’s are Playing/Curating/Mixing the sampled søunds ør Film. So the Turntablists are much like the […]

Learn to DJ with Traktor: Kontrol S4 | DJ Controller Tutorial | Beginner | Music Production | ENDO

[ad_1] [ad_2] Download Your Free Music Production Handbook Now: Earn Your Music Production Degree Online with Berklee: Get ready to make some noise! In this tutorial, Berklee Online instructor Mike Henderson shows you how to power up your Traktor Kontrol S4, connect your computer and speakers, and set levels. About Mike Henderson: Mike Henderson is […]

Overview of Trim / Faders / Gain / PFL

[ad_1] [ad_2] The gain of an input is adjusted by two controls, Trim and Fader. This two-stage architecture is identical to the topology of large mixing consoles and provides a great deal of control. Trim is often thought of as a coarse gain control and the Fader as the fine gain control. The Fader is […]

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