Whats the difference between “Dj” & “Turntablist”? :: DJing vs. Sciences (Energy Flow Ratio’s)

[ad_1] [ad_2] ((Q)) Whats the difference between “Dj” & “Turntablist”? ((A)) The ∂iƒƒerence between the twø was cøine∂ by DJ Babu tø diƒƒerentiate ∂j as “Party Røcker” frøm ∂j as “Soun∂ Alchemist”…meaning…Turntablists are breaking døwn søunds intø New Cømpøsitiøns while Dj’s are Playing/Curating/Mixing the sampled søunds ør Film. So the Turntablists are much like the […]

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