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DJing Basic

At our students learn everything there is to know about how to be a great DJ including the following DJ Basics :
– How to select the perfect DJ controller or CDJs for your skill level and budget
– What is the difference between the different CDJS and different DJ Controllers
– Advantages and disadvantages of using Pioneer, Vestax, Numark, Hercules, American DJ, Behringer and others
– How to select the right tracks to mix together
– How to Play, Cue and Stop
– How to use your SYNC button
– Basic Music Theory covering BPM, Key, Pitch and Tempo
– How to use a DJ mixer equalizer
– How to download tracks to use with your DJ software
– Where to find music to DJ

Intermediate DJing Skills

– How to Beatmatch 2 songs
– Dropping in on a one
– More advanced Musical Theory
– How to mix in key with software
– How to mix in key without the software
– Remixes, Mashups, Edits, Reworks, Bootlegs and Original tracks
– How to DJ with a smartphone, tablet, ipod and/or laptop

Advanced DJing Skills

– How to make a Remix, Mashup, Edit, Rework, Bootleg or Original track
– Ableton Live Basics
– Anatomy of an MP3, what to look for and what is the lowest acceptable quality
– How to find other new artist to collaborate with

Resources for Making a Living as a DJ

– How to become a wedding DJ and the skills needed
– How to become a corporate event DJ and the skills needed
– How to become a club DJ and the skills needed
– How to get gigs as the type of DJ you want to be
– How to create SUPERFANS
– How to monetize your fans and your following
– What is Merch and why do I want it
– How to make your DJ Business Cards
– Where to find DJ Contests
– Where to find music you are allowed to remix for FREE
and much much more

School4DJs is a Global Pioneer in Electronic Music Education.

Vancouver dj lessons for all agesSchool4DJs is an ever growing COMMUNITY of like-minded DJs, Producers, Musicians, and Sound Designers who all have a need to do much more . than simply listen to the music we love.

As a Music School for both beginner and experienced artists, our mission is to “always inspire and assist our music students in Vancouver to reach their artistic DJ goals“.

Classes are small and intimate, in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on training environment.

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Our DJ Instructors are a talented community of musically diverse Vancouver  Educators and Vancouver Artists.who have a passion for DJing.

We at are focused on working with like-minded partners to unleash the School4DJs Experience to the whole world of DJs!

We now have a studio in New Westminster with DJs, DJ rentals and other event rentals. Its based on the same idea that created School4DJs Vancouver; digital music technology is only as good as the music you create.

Following this ideology, our online DJ courses stay focused on your musical evolution throughout your time as a student DJ and as part of our Artist community.

Our Curriculum is created in a linear format, but students are allowed to progress at their own speed. Our DJ students are usually motivated by the advancement of their artistic musical creations.



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